Drake's having fun on UStream

A lot of celebrities have been using UStream for a minute. Especially since twitter has blown up, people everywhere go on live sessions on UStream and invite their friends and fans to watch them online. Drake has been on twitter for a while now, but has not been as active as some of his colleagues may have been, but he is updating his status every now and then to let us know what he is up to. Couple of weeks ago, he started live sessions on UStream from his tour bus and people went crazy. Fortunately, some of the videos were saved, so that all the people who missed his live stream could still watch the video afterwards. It's less than two months until his debut album 'thank me later' drops and people want to know what this album is gonna be about. Drake answered some of the question on his live sessions, and I post some of the vids for you guys.
In this video he is giving us a little information about what the album is gonna be like. (more rap..)

On this one, Drizzy's having fun and doing a little freestyle about his label mate Lil Wayne.

And last but not least, he posts a song on his youtube account which was all over the internet last week. You can tell it was produced by Kanye West. It kinda reminds me of Kanye's coldest winter& heartless off the album 808s&heartbreak. What do you think about that song?? And how do you feel about the album dropping soon? Let me know, share your thoughts!!!

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