Drake Find your love MUSIC VIDEO

Ever since I've heard this song for the very first time, I couln't stop listening to it. (I dont know if it's due to the melody or simply that dope Kanye beat) it's just an awesome song. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. And finally we got a video to go along with it. I think it turned out great!!! And pretty boy's acting skills are shining through as well. You have to love that kid!!!! What do you think about the video????


  1. mir gehts genau wie dir, ich habs einmal angehört und dann konnte ich nicht mehr aufhören :D
    ich mag das video sehr =) ...naja bis auf den schluss :D er guckt so traurig :(

  2. Very nice. The track is just too dope.
    It also kinda helps that Kanye didn't direct the video this time around!!!!!!