New Artist: J.R.A

Months ago, I found this guy on youtube who was doing some great videos playing the guitar and singing along. I immediately fell for his voice, to me it was something totally new. Not that there has never been a guy playing a guitar singing along. But the new thing about him to me was the WAY he did it, it was something fresh, and something new. Not just sing the song like the original artist did, but he did his own little thing out of it. Today he posted his version of Drake's find your love...and I love it. Check it out!!! The second video is a cover of Drake's A night off/sooner than later (that I like a whole lot as well :)even though he posted that about almost a year ago)
And btw....if this is the first time for you that you ever seen him do his thing, then make sure to get his album. It's definitely worth it..We gotta support young & up and coming artists!!!Follow him on youtube:JRAquinomusic and on twitter:JRAquino

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