We got Hood Love

I dont remember when I heard the song for the very first time. All I know is that is has been a while ago, but I immediately fell in love with this song. Not only did Mary J Blige proove once again with this song that she was the queen of Hip Hop/Soul but Johnta's performance on this joint was just perfect. He was the ideal counterpart for Mary J on that song. I still can't think of any person to fit the male part on this song better than Johnta. I mean come on, it takes a strong and dominant voice to keep up with Mary and not just any smooth R&B voice that would sing alone beside her. But today I was surfing on the internet and look what I found on the BET countdown. This beautiful song is now an official single but it has not Johnta on it but the prince of VA himself aka Trey Songz. Unfortunately, I must say that I dont like that version at all. I mean it is still a great song (produced by Brian Michael Cox and written by Johnta Austin) but I dont think Trey has the voice to really support Mary on this song like Johnta did(Dont get it twisted, I love Trey but thats just not his song, but maybe it's just the video version that sucks!??!). Listen to the song and let me know what you guys think!

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